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How to Delete Apps on iPhone 12 Easily and Quickly

What do you do with your smartphone? Do you use it for playing games, updating your social media, or communicating with your family? Well, whatever it is, you must install some applications related. You could go to the Apple market to install them. Yet, what if you want to delete apps on iPhone 12? It is okay, you are free to uninstall the applications you downloaded to provide some storage spaces. Deleting or uninstalling apps on an iPhone device is not difficult. You could do it yourself as well as you know the steps. Today, we will talk more about some ways of how to delete apps on the iPhone permanently. Let’s check it out for further info below!

delete apps on iphone 12

If you want to master your new iPhone 12, you need to read the user manual for the phone. You can get it for free here

How to delete apps on iPhone 12 you install

There are some easy tutorial to delete some apps on your iPhone device. What are they? Let’s take a look at them in the following points!

  1. Let you select and press the app icon you are going to uninstall or to delete. Keep pressing it for seconds until it starts dancing. Then, let go of the app.
  2. Choose and tap the “X” sign on the selected application. Then, soon, there will be ‘Are you sure’ message pops up. Let you click OK to continue the deleting process.

How to delete the factory apps

Once you have bought an iPhone, you must see that there are some installed applications available. They include Calendar, Google Maps, My Verizon, Stocks, Gmail, and many more. Then, how to delete them? Well, let’s see it below then!

  1. Let you select the app you want to uninstall. Then, lightly press and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. The app you hold will begin wiggling. Then, it will show ‘X’ sign; this sign is located on the upper left corner side of the app. Click it to delete it. Again, there is a message appears to ask you whether or not you want to continue uninstalling the app. Well, the message might differ from each other; it depends on the app you want to delete itself. Just continue if you desire to.

Finally, for your information, once you delete the Apple factory apps, you could not back up your data from those applications. Therefore, think twice before thinking of uninstalling them.

By the way, these ways to delete apps on iPhone 12 might be the same as the other iPhone devices. Do you want to uninstall your apps? Then, go on!

How to Clean a Laptop in Safe and Correct Way for Beginners

Knowing how to clean a laptop properly is something every laptop owner should know. No matter how sophisticated or how expensive your laptop is, one day, it will get dirty and covered in dust. If you think cleaning your laptop is not important, you should think again. Dust may sound and look harmless. But when it is accumulated and clogging your vent, your laptop will be overheated and get damaged sooner or later.

If you want to clean your laptop, you need to do it carefully. Remember that laptop contains o electronic component that must be treated right. To help your cleaning quest, here are the step by step instructions to clean your laptop in the right way.

clean a laptop

How to Clean a Laptop Safely and What Stuff You Need to Prepare

  • Step 1

First of all, you need to prepare some special cleaning kit. You will need soft and clean microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol, soap or mild detergent solution, special monitor cleaner solution cotton swab, and one compressed air can.

  • Step 2

After the cleaning kit is prepared, turn of your laptop, unplug and remove the battery if possible. This is a precaution to prevent electrical shock during the cleaning process.

  • Step 3

If you want to make sure you do the job properly, you can remove the keys. But if you afraid you will damage the keyboard, it is okay to clean while the keys are attached. Use the compressed air can to clean the keyboard as well as the gaps between the keys. Keep spraying until the dusts are cleared. You can use cotton swab and the alcohol too for cleaner result.

  • Step 4

If you unattached the keys, put them in a bowl of soap and water solution until the dirt is gone. Dry properly before reattaching them.

  • Step 5

Using the compressed air can, spray the ports and the vents until clean. Continue cleaning the ports using dry cotton swab.

  • Step 6

Make isopropyl alcohol and water solution. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and wipe the laptop’s surface. Don’t make the cloth too wet or dip too deep so that no drips of water will fall to the laptop.

  • Step 7

Spray the monitor cleaner solution to the clean microfiber cloth and wipe the monitor gently. Check the cloth regularly. When you find the cloth is covered with dust, change into new one or shake it until the dust is gone. Then, repeat the process.

Make sure you give extra treatment to the vent. Keep blowing the dust in the vent using the compressed can until all the dust is gone. After that, make sure you use your laptop in clean and hard surface to prevent too much dust covering your vent. Don’t use the lap on your lap, pillow, blanket or other soft surface since dust will enter the vent easier and make your laptop overheats.

Even though you now know how to clean a laptop properly, make sure you always keep it clean and treat it right so your laptop can perform better.

Apple iPhone 12 User Manual Guide to Restoring From iCloud

If you have an iCloud account on your iPhone, it must have a copy of all the phone’s data and apps. So, that is why you can move all of the data and apps to another phone easily. Actually, there are two ways to move it into your new phone which are by restoring a backup or syncing your iCloud account. Well, here is the iPhone 12 user manual guide to restoring from an iCloud account. The things you have to remember that you can only apply these ways to your phone if you have an iCloud backup.

iphone 12 user manual guide

Two Ways to Restore an iCloud Backup to iPhone 12 user manual

  • How to Restore an iCloud Backup to an iPhone

The first thing you will see on the screen when you turn on your iPhone, you will find the Setup Wizard. It means that your phone ready to use. If you want to set up all of the data restored from your iCloud account. Then just follow the steps below!

    • First, you have to press the “Home” button that is located under the screen. Then, pick the “Language” to use on your phone.
    • Second, select the option of the “Country or Region” you are in.
    • Then, tap “Set up Manually”. (Remember, when you got an iPhone that is running for iOS 11, just set it up automatically).
    • Next, you can pick the home’s Wi-Fi network. To get the phone set up, you have to use your mobile connection. But, it may be downloading a lot of data and also got expensive enough.
    • After that, please type the “Wi-Fi Password” and click “Join”. If you found a tick beside the network name, then the phone has already connected. Then, tap to “Next” icon.
    • For the next, you can tap the Apple’s Fingerprint Touch ID to unlock your phone and make purchases. Besides, you can set it up if you like. However, the Apple will cover it in the detail further down. So, for your best just tap on “Set up Touch ID Later”.
    • But, if want to skip the past Touch ID, you have to confirm it by tapping on “Don’t Use”. (You can set it up later).
    • Then, in order to protect your iPhone, you can enter the passcode. Please, type your passcode and type it again if there is a request. In entering the passcode, you can sign the standard passcode that has a 6 digit of the number.
    • If you have done, the tap on the “Passcode Option” icon to change it into:

Custome Alphanumeric Code (a password that has got letter and numbers in. Custome Numeric Code (a password that is just number) is 4 Digit Numeric Code (a normal PIN Number).

    • Next, type the “Apple ID and the password” of yours. If you forget it, tap on the “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it”. It will recover it. After that, please tap “Continue”.
    • In this part, there will be a request that you have to give the phone a moment to get settings update. Then, you must agree on the terms and conditions. If you want to read it, you can click on the links and tap on “Agree”.
    • After that, you can select the latest backup data to restore the settings, apps, and data from the last time you use your phone.
    • Then, please tap on “Enable Location Service” or choose to “Disable”. Your iPhone needs it to use location services. Do not forget to tap on “Continue” to set up the Siri which is Apple’s Virtual Assistant. But, if you want to skip it, just click on “Set up Later in Settings”.
    • If you find the notification that your Apple use of diagnostic and usage data from your iPhone, you must tap on “Continue”.
    • Then, to share the feedback, you can click on the icon “Share with App Developers”. If you do not want it, then just tap on “Don’t Share”.

After you have done, then it means your phone’s set up is ready to use. The iPhone 12 user manual guide to restore from iCloud might take a long time. The amount of stuff you have backed up becomes the reason for it.

How to Sync the iPhone with an iCloud

Here is the step how to sync your iPhone to your iCloud account, as follows:

    • Firstly, you have to tap on the “Settings Menu” on your Home Screen.
    • After that, just tap on “Sign in to your iPhone”. Then, please fill in your Apple ID and the password. If you have done, just tap “Sign it” icon that is located in the top-right. The iPhone will start to sign into iCloud.
    • Next, you will get the Touch ID and the passcode. In next step, there will be a request for you to sign the passcode. It will take an extra bit of security for your iCloud account.
    • After you sign the passcode, tap on “iCloud”. Then, you can turn on all of the things that you want to sync with iCloud.

Now, you have finished setting up the phone and you can start to use it. The iPhone 12 user manual guide to restore from iCloud account above can be your best guide.

How to Reboot My Laptop: Easy Steps Guide for Beginners

When I was a beginner in using my laptop, I got some problems that demanded me to reboot my laptop. However, I realized that I hadn’t known yet about how to reboot my laptop. Then I searched the internet and found some simple steps to reboot a laptop. It is great for beginners to try and you can try to reboot your laptop too by yourself. The materials needed to reboot a laptop are of course the laptop itself, a power cord and also battery.

how to reboot my laptop

Step by Step about How to Reboot My Laptop

Rebooting a laptop with a soft rebooting might be slightly different with rebooting a computer. First, you should identify the Operating System type that installed in your laptop, because different platform has different ways to trigger the reboot process. You also can do it through hard reboot, which can be learned on the step below.

  • For those who have a laptop with Microsoft Windows Operating System, you can see the way in the Step 3. The Linux Operating Systems users will see the way in the Step 4. Meanwhile, those who use a laptop with Mac Operating System, will find the way in Step 5.
  • For Windows OS, click Start menu in your laptop, click the Power or Turn Off Computer option and then choose Restart on the options. Alternatively, you also can press three keys in the same time: ALT, CTRL, DEL or delete. The keys pressing will bring out the Task Manager of Windows. Then click the Shutdown menu and then choose the Restart from the options.
  • In a laptop with Linux system, rebooting can be started from the interface of graphical user or from the command shell. The reboot option is commonly placed in Main Menu or in the object bar at the window’s side. Otherwise, you can simply restart the machine by typing a command shell text such as shutdown or reboot.

How to Rebooting My Apple Laptop


  • In the Apple’s laptop like MacBook Pro, the reboot process can be done by simply clicking the Apple Menu on the top left corner. Select the Restart option. A message box will appear after selecting the option and you will need some time to initial the reboot process. Otherwise, you also can display the Restart menu directly by pressing a couple of keys; Control and Eject so the reboot process can be started after clicking the Restart option.
  • The way of how to reboot my laptop can also be done through Hard System; it is important to do for those who face freezing machine and the restarting from operating system is impossible. You can start rebooting by simply press the power button and hold it in about 10 seconds or wait until the machine stops. Then wait for 10 seconds more for the power up attempt.
  • If all of the steps above aren’t working to reboot your laptop. Then you should unplug the power source of the laptop; it is the battery. Search some tips of the right ways to remove a laptop’s battery based on your laptop’s brand.

MacBook Pro Frozen: Causes and How to Solve it Easily

MacBook pro frozen is surprisingly a common problem on almost all MacOS users. It happens all the time. You need to understand that MacOS is a smart operating system. It is designed to self detect if they have any problem inside. The problem can be caused the system detects something dangerous on your other software.

macbook pro frozen

My MacBook Pro frozen, what should I do?

If your MacBook pro freezes suddenly, there are several steps that you can try to solve it. Here’s how

  • Turn off front application

This is actually highly suggested by the Apple folks. Many times, frozen iOS is caused by dangerous behavior on some of your applications. In this case, you need to turn off the applications, especially the front most ones. If you are working on something, save it first then turn off the applications.

To do this, you can press Option, Shift, Command, and Esc at once, and hold those keys for around three seconds. It should turn off your active applications.

Then, you should check if the system is still frozen. It commonly fixes the problem. If not, try to restart your system after that.

  • Restart the System during frozen

There are three ways to quit and start you iOS to fix the frozen situation.

  • First, you can click the Apple logo on the top left part of the menu bar, and from there, you can select force quitting option.
  • Second, you should press several keys including Option, Command, and Esc at the same time and select force quit option. Third, press the power button until the laptop turns off.

Don’t get panic when it happens. Try those tips above one by one and see what happens. See your technician if those won’t help you. In most cases, you don’t need a pro help to fix a MacBook pro frozen.